Keep it safe, share locally

Juan Maguid
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2 min readJun 3, 2022

No, this is not an article about that horrendous thing called S.A.F.E, don’t run, this is actually fun and useful 💪

Being a designer today is wonderful in, so many ways, compared with when I started out over 25 years ago. One thing that’s not that great is the ever-growing stress companies and organizations feel about safety regarding their intellectual property, you know, that ”stuff” you create day in and day out?

Utter the words ”cloud” and ”files” in the same sentence, and you will be invited to a crappy🕺 that will never, ever end ☠️

Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet, and being able to upload anything from weird beats to apocalyptic 80s nostalgia GIFs makes me happy and peppy.

I’m not talking about myself right now, I’m talking about you.

Great album btw 🎧

Keep it simple, share locally

Let’s look at the current workflow of sharing an HTML prototype built with Marcode in Sketch 💎 or Icons8 Lunacy 🌜👇

  1. You build everything inside above-mentioned graphical loveliness
  2. You view, in near real-time, in the best companion app available on Planet Earth. What is available on other planets we do not know.
  3. When you are happy, like on pay-day, you Export 👉 HTML
  4. Your work is done amigo or amigas
  5. Zip the HTML folder we so graciously autogenerated for you and share it on Slack, Teams, Trello, DropBox, OneCloud (company licenses of course) or whatever else service that took forever to get clearance for. Heck, you could smack the folder onto a USB stick if you work for really paranoid entities
It’s raining cats and even more 🐈’s

Onboarding the consumers of your prototype

  1. They need to know how to double-click on a zipped file
  2. They need to know how to double-click on one file (index.html)
  3. They must have a web browser installed
  4. They are of course already disconnected from the evil web 🧿

Did I get through? Are there 👽’s among us? You can ask your B.O.S.S.

Who cares really. I’m having fun!

🎤 👋 Juan over and out



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