Sketch2React code app version 1.6 pre-release will soon be available

Fredrik Ward
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2 min readAug 18, 2019


We’re happy to announce that the pre-release of Sketch2React code app version 1.6 will soon be available for my (Fredrik’s) Patreons and as DLC.

💥 New features are

👉 🌋 Support for Sketch Cloud Documents

Eager to use Sketch for Teams and all those new fancy ways of working together? Guess what, as of version 1.6 we will have support for working directly with Sketch Cloud Documents 💥👍Here’s proof of that 😸

👉 🌋 Support for Sketch shared libraries

Oh, yes. 😎

👉 👩‍💻 New element {link}

Link any element to anything! Like images or texts!

👉 👨‍💻 New element {div}

A generic component well suited for implementing things such as other grid systems (e.g. MaterialUI grid) or construct your own components!

👉 🤫 New element {externalasset.js}

It is now possible to add your own javascript-files to your HTML-exports. This adds a new dimension of interactivity to your HTML-exports!

👉 🤖 CSS-modules

Our React export now utilizes CSS-modules. This means the dependency on Sketch2React’s package (@sketch2react/react-components) is gone! No dependency on us once your React code is exported! 🥳

👉 🤖 Updated React export’s dependencies

We’ve updated the React export’s dependencies to remove package vulnerabilities.

👉 🤖 Clean-up in the React export

You no longer get warnings about “unused variables” in the console because, guess what, there are none! 💪

We’re working on a bunch of new tutorials that will explain all the new good stuff in great detail.

Ship-a-hoy sailors! 🛳️



Fredrik Ward

Co-founder and developer of Sketch2React/Stratos Tokens/Marcode