Hey there design-o-nauts of the world we have something great for you

Sketch2React DLC 1 is here 🌳

Click here to purchase DLC 1

Say that you really are super excited for all the goodies our patrons receive when backing us on our respective Patreon pages, but you don’t enjoy the monthly subscription payment model?

And you don’t have the patience to wait for our official (much slower) free release cycle of all things Sketch2React? We totally understand.

A sketch trying to explain our current release cycle all things Sketch2React

That’s why we are also experimenting with this new format, you could call it Sketch2React DLC if you like. Or Sketch2React Patreon Bundle. You get all the latest/current new stuffie stuffs we offer exclusively to patrons, but in the way of a single, one-time purchase. 😃 👍

Like a temporal agent of support. Oh that’s a nice sentence ⚒👀

✅ What you get

  • Everything that we currently (up until this very DLC 1 release) offer in both our Tier 1 + Tier 2 Patreon memberships in forms of downloadable content (pre-release app versions, demo files etc) in a neat little .zip file
  • All new content & updates added to both our Patreon’s during a 1 month period starting from the purchase date of this bundle
  • Access to our VIP Swag Shop with greatly discounted prices on Sketch2React merch
  • A nice discount code the next time we release new DLC

🛑 What you don’t get

  • You don’t get free access to all of our future DLC, you get what we have right now, plus one month of updates 👏

⚠️ Disclaimer

This release of our code app and framework is called pre-release for a reason. Some things might not work as you expect them but we’ll send a free update to all customers when we have a newer pre-release version of 1.5 (the closest thing to finished before we release this to the public).

Watch & Read first

Also make sure you watch these very simple video tutorials and read this article before purchasing.

Sketch2React is amazing but not for everyone out there, it will require you to learn some important and necessary skills.

Sketch2React DLC 1

Included in this bundle is

👩‍💻Sketch2React Code App v1.5 BTE (Pre-Release Edition)

This is an pre-release version of our next big official Sketch2React framework and code app release that comes with amazeballs things like:

SVG support straight out of Sketch!
Finally you will not need to export assets in and out again for them to show up in code 🥳

Lottie Animation Support is like the best thing since SVG support 😆

Lottie Animation Support
By using the new “lottie” symbol you have the possibility to embed Lottie Animations directly inside of Sketch

Haiku is back! We missed you bro

Fix for Haiku Animations
As referred to in the previous post we had some issues with our Haiku Animations support. But it’s been taken care of ✅

⚙️ New component — Lottie!

You get demo files containing our latest component {Lottie} (Symbol) for easy and fast embedding awesome Lottie animations directly in Sketch

💎 New component Sketch files!

  • 💎 Buttons buttons! — Full of totally customisable sexy buttons
  • 💎 Cards Portfolio! — Customisable layout card component perfect for artsy portfolios
  • 💎 Lottie Animations! — Demo containing our new component symbol and a couple of examples to kickstart you
  • 💎 Lottie Animation Templates — Perfect for adding Lottie animations that have a square ratio, for example icons. Works for non-square ratios also.

Readers good at math will very soon figure out: “But wait if I sign up for Juan and Fredrik’s both 5 USD tiers I will save 4.99USD!”

Yes you will. Patrons will always be premiered. And yes you can if you want, sign up and then just sign off and you will still save moneys. We really don’t care, in our book, as long as you support us you are awesome 👏🦸🏻‍♂️🦸‍♂️

What the heck is Sketch2React?

Maybe you just happened to land on this page, someone sent you the link screaming “ooooh crackers this is amazebaaaaaaalls!!” Probably not.

Sketch2React is a design to code component framework that lets you draw stuff in Sketch (using our component structure and names) and woops out comes magical code components in the awesome format of HTML, React and Vanilla React.