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Sketch2React — Quick Prototyping for React — Part 3.1

Hey guys! I have had this one recorded for a while. Actually I was meaning to add things to the end of the tutorial but I then reconsidered. After not being able to record the ending when I had hoped 😆. So instead of waiting even longer I said to myself “Juan, godamn it, just edit what you have and release it to the internets”… 🤖👍

Enough babbling, let’s talk about the tutorial itself. What you came here for.

What you will learn

  • How to export to React from Sketch2React code app
  • How to be smarter about your image assets
  • How to go back into Sketch and optimise things

Tutorial assets

Cabana still 30% off

The awesome designs I use in this tutorial comes from the extensive and well crafted design system Cabana by Marc Andrew 💪🤖

Here’s 30% off the usual price for all our Sketch2React users.

Totally related tutorials

If you want to get ahead of the class, here’s how you add the link component in your exported React code. 👇😺

Part 2

Part 1

How to install the link component in React

Have a great day, stay safe ❤️

Juan, Team Sketch2React




The best source of Sketch2React & Stratos Tokens related articles on Earth 🌎

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Juan Maguid

Juan Maguid

Co-founder of Team Sketch2React. Designer that wants to make your maker lives easier😺👍

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