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Sketch2React Update — Dark Mode and Simulators 🌛📱

Hey guys! Before taking some well-deserved vacation we thought it would be nice to do one more update before the end of this very strange and particular year. So, here’s what’s new in Sketch2React 2020.1.5:

  • Dark mode for all those late night Sketch2React sessions☀️🌛
  • Simulators to quickly try out the different breakpoints in your design🤖 💪
Simulators are a great way of seeing how your design behaves on different devices/breakpoints

Mini tutorial

Here’s Juan showing you what’s important to think about when using our newest feature, simulators.

Lets sum up this year

2020 has been a very strange year for many, we all know why. For us it has been our best year since forming Team Sketch2React in the beginning of 2018.

In 2020 we have:

  • Released our own marketplace
  • Developed from side project to being a real company
  • Released our best version of Sketch2React up to date
  • Released Stratos Tokens, our simple design token solution

Whats up 2021?

We have lots of goodies in stored for the first months of 2021. Here’s a few:

  • Code editor for Sketch2React released as a free Sketch plugin for our customers
  • Gatbsy.js export for Sketch2React
  • Stratos Tokens 2021 — finally coming out of pre-release

Have a great end of this year, see you on the other side!

Important update

From now on we’ll always include the previous version of our code app ✅

We have a 🐛in v2020.1.4, we know what it is and we will squeeze the life out of it really soon. In the meantime, use v2020.1.3, it’s now included in the purchase as well.

Thanks for your patience, bugs suck.

Design to code software super bundle

Looking for a great way to start leveling up your design to code workflow? Look no further than to our brand new bundle where you get both Sketch2React and Stratos Tokens with a 33% discount. 💵

❤️ Team Sketch2React



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