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Updates, so many updates

Hey guys! We just released updates worth mentioning in a blog post like this for both Sketch2React and Stratos Tokens. So, here we go!

Sketch2React — Export to iOS & Android

Sketch2React now exports directly to iOS & Android via Capacitor.js projects

You now can export directly to Capacitor projects from Sketch2React which is wonderful news for all of you looking for a workflow going from Sketch app to iOS or Android. Who wouldn’t actually?

That means you can skip all the steps in this tutorial on the subject of Capacitor project requirements, since we now bundle it for you. Rejoice!

You still need the tutorial for all the other parts, but hey we just made it simpler than ever for you. 😺✅

Before you do the below thing, make sure you first have installed Xcode Command Line Tools and CocoaPods, just follow my instructions.

How to export for Capacitor from Sketch2React

  1. Make sure you have all links between pages working and that you have visited each page once (it gets added to our export bundle that way)
  2. Click on the Download button 👉 Download Capacitor
  3. Unzip the folder we created for you
  4. Make sure you compress the images, we 🧡 TinyPNG
  5. Drag the entire folder onto e.g., Visual Studio Code
  6. Open up a New Terminal in VSC
  7. Type npm install and hit enter
  8. Done!

Choose between iOS or Android

Now comes the part where you choose which platform to install for use with Capacitor. Since I’m on a Mac and already have Xcode installed I go for iOS. But you can choose Android of course, we added both to the config.json file.

For iOS

Just follow these instructions.

For Android

Just follow these instructions.

See it in action

Here’s our new export in action, it literally took me no more than five minutes, most of that time was me firing up Xcode, and its powerful simulators.

Stratos Tokens — Tokenize even more

We are always looking for new ways of enhancing your design to code workflow. That’s why we added even more ways of outputting design token data directly from your design application for Stratos Tokens App.

Here’s a brief walkthrough vid 🤖 🤘

Please note that the matching css property will be named “value” in Stratos Tokens App. This is to better match the expected input of Style Dictionary.

You can now name your Texts and Rectangles as css properties (e.g., fontSize) and only that value will be displayed in Stratos Tokens App.

Supported css properties for Text layers are:

  • color
  • fill (is always transparent for text layers)
  • fontFamily
  • fontSize
  • fontWeight
  • lineHeight
  • letterSpacing
  • opacity
E.g. color outputs only the color of the border

Supported css properties for Rectangles with borders are:

  • weight
  • color
  • radius

New freebie!

Zero dollares and euros — yummi 🕯️

We have shared this Style Dictionary demo with our friendly Slack friends but here we go in a more official way.

Design to code software super bundle!

Looking for a great way to start leveling up your design to code workflow? Look no further than to our brand new bundle where you get both Sketch2React and Stratos Tokens with a 33% discount. 💵

That’s all folks, have a great week

Juan Maguid, Team Sketch2React




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