Worse Things Have Happened to Paper

Mrs Knudsen was the nicest lady at the laundromat. At times I thought I might ask her to fold my laundry. Seeing her in, let’s say, a parking lot, asking her to fold my laundry would not have occurred to me, nor the name Mrs Knudsen. Anyone can be in a parking lot; but a laundromat is as close to home as some people get.

She looked like a Mrs Knudsen. One rainy winter afternoon I said aloud, Mrs Knudson. She looked up from her People magazine and smiled at me. I smiled back, and she returned to her People.

That was when I knew I might someday ask her to fold my laundry.

But it never came to that. I took on a real job, and found an apartment with a laundry room.

Anyone else should have felt like a rich man, having his own laundry room, but I found trouble adjusting. It was another country. So I took a subscription to People, and kept the back issues in the laundry room. After that it was all right.

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