Le Curse

I have a curse. It is real. These are my stories.

I haven’t flown once since moving to America a year ago. I’ve gone literally 13 months without taking one plane journey. I had a curse, you see, so I’ve avoided it like the plague. See here for just one example: http://www.jasonchatfield.com/fail/

Today, I have to fly to San Diego for Comic Con.
I took three trains and a cab to get to JFK. The TSA kept me behind, giving me all kinds of tests, pat-downs and ‘random inspections’ (don’t ask) so despite getting to JFK with 30 minutes buffer, I made my flight with one minute to spare. (They took my sketchpad out of my pocket during pat-down and were “disturbed” at my sketches…)

When I arrived at the gate, they’d actually unchecked me so they could push back. They re-checked me in to a seat right next to the bathroom. Grand.
20 minutes of silence passed on the tarmac before the pilot told us over the PA that the in-flight entertainment system was broken, apologies. That’s fine. I have a book.

20 minutes later, he came back on saying there was something wrong with the plane, and they were looking for a part.

10 minutes later he said… sheepishly… “Look… uh. You’re going to have to get off the plane. We need to completely rebuild the brake assembly. We won’t be taking off for a long time.”

I got off the plane, spoke to the attendant at the desk to politely ask if I would be missing my connection in LA to San Diego…

He looked up at me and sweat dripped down his face. He looked at his colleagues and they all turned white.

The entire United Airlines system had crashed nation-wide. They were limbless. Frantic phone calls ensued, followed by a breaking news report that airports around the nation were in chaos due to the glitch, then another story that the New York Stock Exchange had halted trading because of a giant technical glitch…

Well this is fun.
Le Curse has returned.
Welcome back…