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Moving forward

Designing for the future of brand experiences

A brand identity must be perceived at every stage of people’s experience and everything becomes even more critical since we’re living in hybrid contexts. Indeed, it transforms the way we conceive a product or a service.

Is brand experience design the missing part of branding?

Branding and communication agencies have learned to manage this very well: a Nike or Redbull adv tells out the brand’s values loudly in every aspect, from the tone of voice, the images used, the music played and so on. When we look at a service experience and a product proposition, delivery patterns and business model…things begin to get complicated. Yet all of these aspects contribute to the definition of the brand proposition.

Creating brand consistency within the Benetton Ecosystem

Now — Microinteractions beyond visual identity

As designers of experiences, more and more digital ones, we spend a lot of time shaping the experience’s micro-moments. We spend a lot of energy defining the ideal timing for a transition, figuring out the animation that describes the most consistent loading for the product we’re designing, finding the right words to address a customer in an email or a form. How much time do we spend defining the best way to highlight a mistake or a problem, decide on the tones of voice of an IVR or select the best background tunes for our waiting customers? Yet, even these are expressions of the brand and should reach the user like an app or a loader.

Micro-moments of interaction in the educational website DeA Scuola
The brand values of Repower are conveyed also by animations.

Near future — User Research insights vs Brand Promise

There are many factors that we consider in transforming our clients’ business towards operational and relationship models capable of leveraging emerging technologies and enabling new business models.

Interfaces help enhance the emotional relationship between the end-user and service in Flowe.

Next futures — The analysis of technology and human evolution to evolve the brand in its possible future

Working with companies to imagine how they could face the scenarios that the future will present to them, for designers, means:

  • visualize them together with technological evolution trends.
  • define plausible scenarios by designing the future user experience, representing the principal and likely traits of how a company’s business will evolve with the challenges that the world will present in 8/10 years from now.
Getting a glimpse of the experience the citizens of Lugano will live in 2040.



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