Hikers, Ticino, Service Design

What is the first thing that come into your mind when someone talk about Hiking? Probably wild nature, trails in the woods, the high peak of a mountain. Definitely not Service/System Design, User Experience or similar, right? Well, starting from today this pair won’t be so strange anymore. Please welcome Hike Ticino, the new strategic service that we shaped with Ticino Turismo in order to enhance the regional trail system and entirely based on a “design for the experience” method.


Hike Ticino is more than just a website or a digital application. It’s an integrated ecosystem that supports hikers in the entire experience-cycle: from the discovery of a trail to the sharing on social media, going through the proper experience during the hike.

The day before yesterday, the official press conference. Starting from today, hikers from all around the world can easily explore the stunning trails of Ticino, thanks to 15 digital and physical + remote and local touchpoints (app, website, interactive displays, brochures, info-advertisements, etc).


We designed the whole service from a strategic point of view and we also brought into the project an open and collaborative method. This gave us the chance to create a positive working environment between all the stakeholder and effectively involve in the process real users, local players and people from Ticino Turismo too.

Hike Ticino has been a systemic project in the true sense of the word, since it took into consideration real people, their experiences and expectations, the context they live in, but also the business needs of all the institutional players involved. The result has been a seamless but structured ecosystem, able to inspire tourists and guide them over the 4000+ km of hiking trails in Ticino.

Want to know more about the project? Read the official Hike Ticino case study and take a look at the backstage video down here.