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Sarah Corti is our new Chief Design Officer

Luca Mascaro appoints Sarah Corti as Chief Design Officer to gain even more focus on ethics and sustainability and reserve energies for the studio’s growth.

For a long time, Luca and Sketchin were almost the same being: his thought and vision profoundly shaped the studio and its design line. Hence today is an important day for us, also a bit strange too, to be honest: the position of Chief Design Officer goes to Sarah Corti, marking the end of an era and the beginning of a new season for the studio.

It is quite common in corporate communication, but this is not a way to tell that Luca Mascaro leaves Sketchin: Luca is still our CEO, fully involved in the studio life, yet the size, the organizational complexity, and above all the ambitions of Sketchin require a greater focus on the direction to follow, on the one hand, and the design line evolution, on the other. And Sarah will take care of the latter.

After all, Sarah is not a newbie in the studio. Graduated in Industrial Product Design at the Politecnico di Milano, she joined the Swiss team in 2013 as UX Designer after a freelance experience in some historical design realities in Milan. In 9 years, starting as a designer, she took on the first role of Design Director and then Executive Design Director, managing numerous multidisciplinary teams with direct responsibility for designing the experience for the firm’s largest clients.

Among the studio crew, she is appreciated for her moral rigor and competence that does not accept mediocrity, for the biting irony, the sharpness of thought, the dedication, the ability to lead with the strength of kindness, and because she is never satisfied with anything other than excellence.

Some of the projects curated by Sarah Corti: Fastweb NeXXt; Bigatt, Repower; Grazia; Inter; Sky WIFI.

The first mission that Sarah has to face is the consolidation of the design offer. Sketchin is working to help companies identify, meet and overcome the challenges of an ever-faster future. The traditional offer is no longer enough: the challenges become more complex, extend over a multiplicity of dimensions — physical, digital, virtual — and embrace many disciplines.

For some time our Design Council has been consolidating our design practice to combine the strategic dimension and the new business design, taking care of end-to-end execution, gathering different disciplines together: the product design, the design of physical spaces, or even consolidated experiences of virtual or augmented reality… In short, everything you need to develop the experience of a brand along with all the possible interactions in the physical, virtual, and hybrid world.

Sarah Corti says:
“I am ready to take on the challenge in this fast pace changing context: to evolve the vision of Sketchin, pushing it beyond the boundaries of what design can traditionally do for business and individuals. We have to look beyond and think about systems and organisms where the individual is only a tiny part of the whole, thus helping to shape a world in which design can improve society responsibly and ethically as a force for change.

Ethics, today, is the most neglected part of our work. My commitment — concludes Sarah Corti — will be to make it the non-negotiable element and the ultimate goal that drives us to do this beautiful job “.

Sarah Corti — Chief Design Officer

Luca Mascaro says:
“I trust Sarah with all my heart, she has been a reference point for years because of her analytical and visionary skills. Her appointment is fundamental to face the next five years — Luca Mascaro explains — our objectives are simple: to structure ourselves to consolidate our presence on a global level, especially in the United States and Northern Europe. For this reason, in 2021, we strengthened our internal structure, creating new General Managers and distributing delegations among our designers to enhance our ability to react and scale quickly and in quality.

We well know that this will be an ambitious and difficult path, but love for challenges is a trait that has always distinguished us. One thing that never ceases to surprise me is how the studio’s energy when it was founded fifteen years ago has always remained the same, through the places, the projects, the partners but above all through the people who approached and experienced Sketchin.

All the projects succeed if you dream big first”.




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