The new digital experience for Giornale di Brescia

April 27th, 1945 — April 27th, 2015.

70 years from the first publication and Giornale di Brescia is now marking another milestone in its history: the launch of the new paper and digital version, completely renewed both from the visual/graphic side and — most important — in the way it produces, organizes and shares across quality content. This is a huge shift for the company, and it shows their true commitment in order to meet the digital (r)evolution that is lately involving the publishing sector.

The chance to celebrate the result has come on Monday night, a few hours after the proper launch of the website, when lot of people met at Teatro Grande in Brescia to hear about the new approach: understanding the experiences, needs and behaviours of readers in order to produce the best and most engaging content possible.


Sketchin played a primary role in the project since we were chosen to manage every step of the process, from research to strategy and implementation. In just 4 months, we were able to completely redesign the experience of Giornale di Brescia, involving all the stakeholders (journalists, editors, managers, media buyer, readers) and fully adopting our proprietary method EVO.

We had a first assessment with the client where goals and priorities were set, through specific workshops. Then we started the proper research phase (quantitative surveys, field research and qualitative interviews) which led us to the definition of the most relevant behavioural patterns and therefore of the main design principles:

  1. Craft a real mobile-first and cross-device experience
  2. Organize content according to geographical consistency
  3. Improve overall readability
  4. Give more value to rich-storytelling

Eventually the implementation phase, where we had the chance to adopt some peculiar interaction design solution and make the visual&content strategy 100% real. Of course, we didn’t forget the main business KPI requested by the client: lower the abandon rate, increase page views, improve reading time and impressions.

In the next weeks, we are going to produce a longer and more detailed case study about Giornale di Brescia. So, if you want to know more about the project, just keep an eye on our website!