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Sketching Words

The Thought’s Weight

Text by Carlota

Image: Shalala — “The Thought’s Weight”, paper cut work

it’s like this emptiness

will never be filled,

it’s like it’s been left fallow

and ended up being forgotten,

like a fruit that will never be harvested

even if it doesn’t deserve to be left in oblivion,

like someone who will never be chosen

even if it’s not his fault that he was born.

the world goes round

but I always end up on the same paths,

no matter how hard I try,

this doesn’t get out of my head,

day and night, always present.

it’s a pain that i feel

and that I can’t move on

because it’s still very recent.

I recognize that this existing suffering

is the same that once became permanent,

it’s like an omnipresent pain

which I try very hard not to become imminent!

but does anyone know what it’s like to feel this daily and not be able to do anything to make this pain go away?

Shalala — “The Thought’s Weight”



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