If you don’t like Justin Bieber that’s not our problem

Image from this website: http://paulmccartney.filminspector.com/2013/08/paul-and-justin-bieber.html

For some reason, people seem to get upset when they read something, hear something, or see something that they don’t enjoy.

If it doesn’t resonate with you, it isn’t for you.

And that’s okay everyone. Let’s chill the F — out. I see a lot of sad Medium posts lately about “too many listicles”, “the same ol’ sorry ass business advice” and “how old are you again? STFU youngin’.”

But, what we forget is that there is plenty of room.

There is room for all of this. All of this and more even. You don’t have to like it, agree with it, or even read it. People want to write, let’s celebrate that!

People want to feel important, don’t we all?

People want to read pieces of literature filled with big words that only 5% of adults would know the meaning of, others read inspiring poems and some people just want to read stories written at a fifth grade reading level about Beyonce vs Drake.

And it’s ALL good.

Another point — people are on different parts of their journey in this thing called life. I’ve been reading about digital marketing and behavioral psychology for the better part of a decade. But, some just discovered it. An article that seems basic af to some of us, might be mind blowing to them.

Not everyone is the same and not everyone is on the same level in their business lives, musical tastes or common senses.

Just look at this:

and this one takes the cake:

It’s all okay and there’s room for all of it. Whether you like it or not shouldn’t be everyone else’s problem.

You can have your opinion, but let’s not act like the world is against us because our preferred brand of life whisky is becoming less mainstream.

Let’s allow new artists like Paul McCartney an opportunity and maybe someday they’ll become as big as Justin Bieber.

Who knows? Maybe, he’ll even be bigger than Jesus.

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