Adding Angular Dimensions to SketchUp

Ever struggled to add angular dimensions to your SketchUp models? Maybe your prepping your design drawings for LayOut and need to call attention to some important aspect of the build?

In this quick tip you will learn how to use Angular Dimensions to add inner and outer angular dimensions to your 3D models in SketchUp.

Firstly you will need to install Angular Dimensions via the ExtensionStore. Once installed you can activate the tool via the toolbar icon or the Tools menu.

Using Angular Dimensions could not be easier. The developer has really made it super simple to add dimensions. It has two modes, inner dimensions and outer dimensions, that you can toggle between these with the TAB key.

Drawing Angular Dimensions in SketchUp

To draw an angular dimension you pick the first end of the measured angle followed by an endpoint and finally the second measured angle. Angular Dimension places the call-out, in a group, with some leader text.

An added bonus is you can toggle the drawn dimension to be inner or outer with the TAB key.

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