Notable Rebel Athlete: Anthony Shepard

Anthony Shepard has had one of the most successful athletic seasons in SKHS history. After completing his football season with a first-team all-state title, Shepard has been on the watch for universities throughout the country.

After breaking the school record for long jump, Shepard began to draw some attention. Teammate Terell Handley said, “this boy is blessed and will for sure be going far in the future.”

Shepard began competing in track at Curtis Corner Middle School and “the skill has stuck ever since.” This year, Shepard competed in the maximum amount of events which included long jump, 4x100 relay, 50 meter dash, and the 4x200 relay. In the spring he will also compete in the triple jump.

Eric Anderson, coach of the football and track team, described Shepard as, “determined, mature, and hard- working.” He also believes that over the course of a year, Shepard has grown physically and mentally.

For college, Shepard is still uncertain on where he will be attending. However, “track is most definitely in the future,” he stated. “I’ve just started receiving letters so I’m pretty excited to keep jumping.” Many students find it challenging to balance school work with three sports, however, Shepard believes he has never been more focused.

Shepard says the key to his success is nothing more than hard work and practice. To prepare for nationals, he has been going to the gym everyday along with practice with coaches. He is hoping to break his personal long jump record of 22 feet 11 inches. Nationals will begin March 11th in New York, New York.

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