Staying Productive #3

I’m trying a pretty good amount of new things this year. Seriously, when I write them out, its a lot. New church? Check. New diet? Check. New work ventures? Check! I’ve also started to learn piano and music theory, exercise (mostly) 3x a week, and recently purchased my first video game system since 2010.

With everything going on lately it’s especially hard to organize my day and be purposeful about my music. Since the beginning of the year I’ve been taking an online course on music theory and practicing piano 3–4 days a week. I started to notice early in February that I wasn’t putting in the time I felt necessary to progress as I wanted. With that in mind, I set out to implement a plan to log how much time I spend practicing, playing, and learning music. I wanted to have some solid evidence that I either A) Put in enough time or B) Didn’t put in enough time. It needed to be a definitive answer, not just an idea.

Since I already use the Bullet Journal Method, I went to some past ideas I’ve seen used and put them into practice. I essentially began to track (in 30 minute intervals) how much time I spend each day with music. I set a goal for the month of how many hours I would like to spend then put in the work to meet that goal. To go a bit deeper; I created 3 different categories to track which type of activity I engage with on a daily basis. At the end of the month, I add up the hours and determine if I met my goal. PLAIN and SIMPLE. I’ve tried apps before and its all just too much for me. I’ve noticed it is a lot easier to keep track of all this in my journal and become self motivated, rather than relying on external reminders to guilt myself into putting in the work.

Here’s how it looks:

My February Music Log
Each Triangle/Half Circle= 30 min A Square or Full Circle = 1Hr
My Goal for March (I’m on track to beat it!)
Full Page Scan for February

So far this plan has actually been very helpful at keeping myself motivated as well as tracking my progress. If you have been trying to implement something like this in your life, give it a try!

Feel free to share your own thoughts and ideas!

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