#SGUnited: Skilio Launches Industry Immersion Programme

Ho Zhi Hui
Mar 14, 2020 · 4 min read

2020 has been a challenging year with the outbreak of COVID-19. The recent global health concerns have disrupted countless industries and thwarted our plans. As part of the education sector, Skilio is feeling the headwinds as well. Our engagement in the education space has brought to our attention the plight of many Singaporean youths having to cut short or cancel their overseas exchange or internships. Many of them are left in limbo, unsure of what’s next. Added with the economic uncertainty in the coming year, tertiary students are feeling the pressure of graduating into such an unpredictable environment.

DPM Heng emphasised the importance of skill upgrading during this period, for Singaporeans to be prepared for the upturn when the situation eases in the coming months. Much support has been rolled out in this year’s Budget, to support those 25 years and above. These include SkillsFuture tops up and other modes of funding in light of the economic downturn. Yet, we would like to bring your attention to Singaporean students under the age of 25, who are particularly vulnerable from the dearth of support provided for their transition into this uncertain workforce.

We started Skilio to better prepare youth for the VUCA world ahead. In these trying times, it is even more crucial that we step up our efforts to support our fellow students. We are thus announcing that we are launching the Skilio Industry Immersion Programme.

What is the Skilio Industry Immersion Programme?

As part of the Skilio Industry Immersion Programme, we are going to help match students with short term industry immersion experiences in Singaporean companies/organisations. On top of that, Skilio will provide our soft skills measurement & analytics software FREE of charge to all participating students to track their soft skills growth during these industry immersion experiences.

Skilio wants students to gain exposure to the working environment, and build up their network and skillsets in the spirit of changing economic paradigms. The Skilio Industry Immersion Programme provides students with an attachment opportunity lasting 1 month, to grant them the flexibility to explore and find their passion areas.

What is in for me as a student?

The Skilio Industry Immersion Programme is designed for students who want an accelerated exposure to industry work. Skilio wants to provide avenues for students who are seeking experiences to expand their industry knowledge, especially those students who have had plans disrupted in view of health concerns.

As a student, you will sign up for the industry immersion experiences in your interested company/organisation. There will be 1–3 vacancies for each participating organisation. Students will work together in their groups and work on a project task alongside an assigned mentor.

During the immersion experience, students will use the Skilio software to document their learnings. A soft skill report will be given to the students upon the completion of the immersion experience. We will also run masterclasses online to help students better improve their soft skills.

Skilio sincerely hopes that through this initiative, we are able to still give students fulfilling and valuable work experiences. Although this can never replace the overseas internship or exchange experiences, we seek to better equip students with the skillsets needed to succeed in the future workforce through this programme.

We intend to begin our first immersion experience end April, and this will run till the end of summer in August. If you are an interested student for our programme, please join our telegram channel to find out more. This will help us to gauge demand and choose relevant companies!

For interested Participating Organisations/Companies

You can be part of this initiative by championing an immersion experience at your company. Do reach out to us should you want to give meaningful work experiences to students during the course of this summer!

Anyone in the company or organisation can be a part of this as long as one member is willing to carve out a small part of his/her time to guide 1 student team (max 3) through a company/organisation specific team project.

* If you are an organisation or a company that wishes to be part of Skilio’s Industry Immersion Programme, please feel free to fill in this form containing extra information or reach out to us via hello@skilio.co for more queries!

Let’s build an adaptive and resilient Singapore, and stand united in face of uncertainty. Skilio is here with you!


Skilio Team

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Skilio is a soft skills measurement and analytics tool that…

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Skilio is a soft skills measurement and analytics tool that capture soft skills development through reflective practice and crowdsourced feedback.

Ho Zhi Hui

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Skilio is a soft skills measurement and analytics tool that capture soft skills development through reflective practice and crowdsourced feedback.

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