The Literary 10 — Number 9


9. The Warrior Trilogy

The idea of books being written based on Battletech, a game I loved as a kid (yeah, this kid played games with dice, miniatures, and paper), was weird at first. Maybe they wouldn’t have much story or maybe they were just another way to sell game books and modules.

Boy was I wrong.

The Warrior Trilogy was engaging storytelling from cover to cover. It certainly helped that Michael A. Stackpole, who would go on to write books in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, wrote these books about a young man finding his way in the universe…oh, and the beginning of a great interstellar war that consumes the Inner Sphere (set off by the ballsiest wedding gift any man could give his bride). Very space operatic, and I loved the descriptions Stackpole provided.

I could have easily put the Blood of Kerensky Trilogy here as well. This series of books is set roughly 30 years after the Warrior Trilogy, features some of the same characters, and tells the tale of the great houses of the Inner Sphere uniting against an invader from beyond the stars. But, in the end, I had to give it to the Warrior Trilogy.

N.B. There was a 2nd edition released in 1998, currently available on Amazon. The covers above are from the first edition.