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Developers aren’t rockstars; they’re footballers (and that’s a good thing).

Why software should be seen as a team sport, with the fitness of each ‘player’ contributing to the win.

  1. Each player would know exactly what they needed to do, which equipment to use, and how often, to change their capabilities.
  2. Each player would always self-motivate to push themselves, in the right way, to the limit.

People aren’t static, people!

CTOs need to keep up with a high pace of change, which often means new skill gaps emerge in the team on a regular basis. We pour our energy into hiring to cover those deficiencies. At the same time, most of us happily espouse the idea that people learn, grow, adapt and evolve, but the instinct to hire our way out of a skill gap shows little faith in that process.



Skiller Whale changes what your tech team are capable of. We do that with live, remote, expert-led 1-hour group sessions tailored to each individual’s needs. No video lectures, ever.

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Hywel Carver

Co-Founder & CEO of Skiller Whale; published curriculum author and keen funk saxophonist.