How to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow?

It’s rare for people from diverse backgrounds agree on something unanimously. But over the last few years, we’ve seen more and more leaders and trendsetters from politics, activism, science and companies all agreeing on one message:

We need more people who know how to code!”
And those are just a few… More on:

Why learn to code? Why now?

More and more jobs are becoming automated and replaced by software (Truck drivers, cashiers, Uber, Lyft & taxi drivers and many more) while more and more jobs are emerging in software- and related industries — to build apps, business software, self-driving cars, robots in production lines, and so much more.

In the last years we saw an massive increase in need for software development jobs: such that companies now have serious trouble finding qualified people and, therefore, spend a crazy amount of money on salaries:

Average Salery as a Software Engineer: $171K — source: Paysa
Comparison: Average Salery as a Cashier: $26K — source: Paysa

Plus all kinds of other perks to get the best candidates.

And since more and more aspects of our lives are being revolutionized by the near-endless possibilities of software, hardware and the internet : this change is not slowing down, but accelerating. This makes even politicians realize the importance of learning to code — for a better present and future.

“That’s your chance to get into coding!”

However it’s not just economical reasons why you should consider getting into software development.

But being able to:

  • Build awesome tools and share them with people around the world
  • Build cool products and make a startup out of it => to make a living doing what you love
Examples: Facebook, Lyft, AirbnbSpotify
  • help your community and fix societies problems

There is an incredibly huge ecosystem of passionate developers — people who are not just talking about change, but building it. So in short, there are tons of examples of how learning to code can meaningfully impact your life.

Should I learn to code?

The honest answer: that’s something you need to figure out yourself. Everyone has different interests and building software isn’t something for everyone. But what’s also clear: you should definitely take a look at coding and the possibilities it could open up for you to see if web development, working with hardware, apps, or something else fascinates you. You can also take away something else helpful — like better understanding how the world and devices around you work.

How to learn to code?

Coding is an incredibly huge and diverse field with tons of options for everyone — including many different ways of learning to code on all kinds of different platforms.

… and these are only a few of them.

Finding the best code learning resources can be tough, since all the sources are very disconnected from each other, have different interfaces and cannot easily be compared with each other. That’s where is an incredible powerful tool — providing a search engine for all the best code learning resources, easily searchable and explorable from one website. From online courses, books, video tutorials and so much more. And the search engine is just the first step. The next step is building up a digital mentor helping you figuring out what to learn (technologies / languages / frameworks, etc.), why and with what learning resources that fit best to your interests and preferred ways of learning.

Check it out and see if learning to code can be a part of your future:

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