MOOCs don’t fix education — a digital mentor does!

Many companies, and the media, hype up Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) as a replacement to our education system or as a solution to fix it. But are MOOCs a one-size fits-all learning style for everyone? Surely not.

The hype ignores one of the fundamentals of human beings:

We humans are naturally diverse — including different preferred ways of learning (online vs offline, alone vs in a group, reading vs watching, etc.). So one way of learning never works for everyone.

So let’s extend our scope to include books, video tutorials, Meetup groups, hackathons, hackerspaces, coding bootcamps and all the other code learning resources and make them all available on one website — does that fix education? Well, it’s surely a first step in the right direction, but:

All the learning resources in the world, easy accessible on one website don’t matter — if people don’t care about learning.

Making people care, by extending the focus on just learning to a focus on inspiring, learning and doing — that’s the universal way we really learn! And that’s exactly what good mentors do for their students. But having a human mentor for everyone doesn’t scale (good luck try to find a good human mentor — possible but difficult), isn’t available 24h/7days a week and is way too expensive for most people (>20$ for only 15 minutes mentoring is not atypical).

This is why we are building up …

InLearnity is a digital mentor to inspire you to learn to code, stay motivated, learn with the best learning resources, and build concrete projects — with your unique goals, learning style, budget and time requirements in mind.

This is the answer to help everyone who is interested in learning to code — not by creating another source but connecting all the best existing learning resources on one website and make them accessible like never before.

The future is a digital mentor guiding you all the way from figuring out what to learn (what language, framework, to build what kind of project), to why to learn it (what do people like about that technology, who is using it already, etc) and with what learning resources (from online courses, books, hackathons, video tutorials, hackerspaces and much more, based on your preferred ways of learning).

InLearnity — The search engine to learn to code — is the first step in this direction — the first step of a revolutionary change in the accessibility of education — for learning to code — and beyond.