3 Practical Ways to Be a Better Remote Leader with Skillo

Justin Mulwee
Apr 27, 2020 · 3 min read

The transition to remote work introduces some new challenges. Teams that are used to impromptu office chats and immediate feedback are now isolated in their homes. There are new demands and distractions at home. Embracing these changes instead of fighting them will help us make the most of our time and talent. We’ve been talking to our customers as they build their new remote routines, and we want to pass along three totally reasonable and doable ways to make remote work better for your teams using Skillo.

More coaching, less micromanaging.

Skillo can help automate some of the managerial tasks that come with leading a team, to free up more time for the important stuff: thoughtful feedback and individualized coaching. When you share new content with your team in Skillo, it will send emails letting learners know. Instead of checking in with every team member individually, quickly scan the progress of the whole group.

For example, below I can see that I sent this new training to 8 people. Two have finished it already, 3 haven’t started yet, and 3 are somewhere between.

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You can also use assessments to figure out where coaching is needed, and spend your time where it counts instead of trying to guess who needs help with what. On the quiz results screen, I can see not only which questions gave people trouble, but what the wrong answers were.

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Embrace chaotic schedules.

Zoom is having a moment, and it makes perfect sense why. It’s an awesome tool that lets dispersed workforces meet in real time from home. But there’s another challenge getting less attention. Working from home inevitably comes with a more chaotic schedule. Many of us have housemates to coordinate around, kids to feed, etc. Schedules across your team aren’t going to line up perfectly. Instead of expecting everyone to be at every meeting, make it easy for them to catch up. Record Zoom meetings (there’s a Record button near the bottom right), and just drop them in Skillo. Keep tabs on who viewed them and even add notes or quizzes if you like. Give your team one place to go to stay in the loop.

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You need better documentation.

Most companies rely on sharing best practices and process guidelines in person as things come up. As a result, your company’s tribal knowledge is probably greatly under-documented. Remember that a Skillo course can contain any combination of things: docs, videos, images, SCORM files, etc. Use Skillo to create a source of truth for how things should be done or how your systems work. Now is the perfect time to create better standards and limit the need for more video calls and chat threads on things that should have a standard operating procedure. It will be a boon once things return to normal, too, especially for new hires.

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We hope this helps at least a little bit. If you have any questions or have other tips on working from home with Skillo, please reach out. We’d love to talk.


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