January 2020 Release Notes

Justin Mulwee
Jan 7, 2020 · 2 min read

We recently talked about the new People View, where admins can see users that match their specified criteria. We just updated a related screen. In this screenshot, I am an admin checking up on a coworker, Charles.

Image for post
Image for post

Internally, we call this screen “Person View” and it’s been around for a while, but we just made some big improvements. First, there is now a dedicated sidebar navigation, just like when you’re looking at a course. That makes the Edit User screen much easier to find. Before, you had to click on a tiny pencil near their name — easy to miss. Now it’s in the navigation.

More importantly, you can now see the list of courses they instruct, and there are filters at the top similar to that user’s own view. You can even see the courses instructed by people who report to the user you’re looking at. Basically, you can see their Skillo world, pretty much as they see it. Naturally, you can only get to this screen if you’re an admin, or if the user you’re looking at reports directly to you.

Lastly, once you click a learner’s course, you see exactly which activities they’ve completed in that course. This info was always here but it used to take you to a different screen, which left you feeling a little lost for context. Now, no matter which screen you access this info from, it pops up in its own modal (lightbox). See the interaction below for how it all connects.

Both the “People” screen and the “Person” screen are part of a longer term effort to leaders better visibility into their team’s work.

Related to that, what I’m most excited about is a feature we’re calling Custom Categories. It’s actually already coded, but we’re rolling it out slowly as it involves some collaboration with each client by design. Look forward to a separate blog post about how it works, but here’s a teaser: we’ve come up with a way to help each company set up their own structure for how users and courses are organized, making it easier to connect the right people to the right courses with far less confusion. Stay tuned.

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