Communication and why it’s important.

To some people communication skills aren’t at the top of there priorities when it comes to developing their skills. This is a problem because when it comes to expressing new and revolutionary ideas your communication skills will help you out a lot. Although to some people, communication may seem like a terrifying obstacle that they have to do, with practice this obstacle becomes easier and easier to overcome. There are many parts to communication which include public speaking, interacting with fellow peers, working well as a team, and even active listening.

I find that active listening is one of the most important part of communication. This is because you have to realize that in order to have a meaningful dialogue you have to acknowledge its a two way street. What I mean by this is, it’s not good enough to just express your ideas, you need to listen to other peoples input so you can build upon it. By doing this the positive outcome of your dialogue will have greater meaning to you and the participants around you.

Another important part of communication was working well in a team and interacting with fellow peers. I feel that these two parts go hand in hand because knowing your peers and knowing strengths and weaknesses will ultimately make your experience trading ideas easy. Pubic speaking is probably one of the toughest skills to master. The idea of walking up in front of a group of strangers sounds terrifying (believe me it give me anxiety just thinking about), but this skill once mastered can really be useful skill to carry throughout life. I know what you are probably thinking, when am I going to use this outside of college presentations? The answer to that question is when you are at your job and want that raise. You put yourself out there and don’t let your audience intimidate you, because most of the time they are in the same position as you. That being said you should know your audience and know how to convey your ideas to them.

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