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Skills Matter was set up for one reason only: to create a global tech community that uses digital tools, conferences, meetups and courses to collaborate and share its knowledge worldwide.

From our humble beginnings in central London, we have grown into a community of 140,000+ techies. With conferences, courses and meetups held in London, we are now expanding our efforts and have begun to hold events in the US while organizing many more in other locations around this small blue dot.

We view our blog as having the potential to be a powerful digital tool in linking our community members and their ideas, which is why we are pushing this hard.

We hope to publish thought pieces, ferocious debates, sardonic reflections, in-depth technical guides, news pieces, interviews, pantomimes, podcasts…the lot. And we need your help!

Jump on board and become one of our authors. We would love submissions from anyone in or outside of tech who has an opinion or an expertise. We can’t do it without the help of our community, so please do let us know your ideas.

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