6 Tips To Write That First Cold Email Effectively

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3 min readAug 10, 2021


Koussai Issaoui, Skills21 alumni and expert behind cold email training session.
Koussai Issaoui, Skills21 alumni and expert behind cold email training session.

“Email marketing is like dating” — Koussai Issaoui

Email marketing can be very beneficial if done correctly as it is cheap, recurrent, and stable. Most of the time, the percentage of the money spent on Email marketing compared to the revenue generated doesn’t exceed 8% to 10%. But, the challenge here is in writing a compelling first email that would be opened and would generate engagement. Email marketers often struggle with low engagement, low opening rate, or even end up in spam which may harm their domain. Here’s 6 Tips on how to do it effectively and avoid these problems:

#1: Use a catchy subject line


“[URGENT] You’ve got ONE DAY to watch this…”

That should be your sexy line as it determines if the receiver would open our email or not. Compelling subject lines are short, can be in the form of a question, and take into consideration the degree of formality according to the receiver. Think of it as the first message you send to your crush. Make it catchy!

#2: Make it personal

Use personification to grab your receivers’ attention. Always refer to them by their names. Tell them the context you’re contacting them in and try to build an acquaintance. In some cases, it is important to tell how you got their emails and if you are doing inbound marketing.

#3: Do your research

It is important to study your buyer persona with every single aspect to determine the language and the style of your offer and email.

#4: Give value

Rather than selling, think about it as giving value and providing a service. Your potential customers are looking for some interesting information. As you are an expert in what you promote, be that hero that provides informative, original, and interesting content.

#5: Use the AIDA framework

The AIDA Model identifies cognitive stages an individual goes through during the buying process for a product or service. It’s a purchasing funnel where buyers go to and from at each stage, to support them in making the final purchase.

A stands for Awareness, and it’s the stage in which you express your existence.

I stands for Interest, it’s the stage where you spark that interest in your customer.

D stands for Desire, it’s the stage in which the intention of purchase is built.

A stands for Action, it’s the stage in which conversion happens, and you get them to schedule that meeting.

Use this framework in your email. Make room for each component in its presented order!

#6: Measure your performance through your funnel stages

To assess your performance and improve it, you need to keep track of your marketing pipeline of funnels using some Key Performance Indicators. Each one of them conveys certain information. For example:

  • The open rate: If it is low, it means your subject line is weak
  • Unsub-rate: measures the percentage of unsubscribes from your newsletter. If it is low, it means either your content has a bad quality, you don’t provide value, or you include too much promotion.

To sum up, cold emailing can seem easy, but doing it effectively and making a profit out of it is challenging. In this article, we provided 6 tips to succeed at it. Now that you have them, go ahead and make that first trial or enhance that already existing email or draft.

If you’re still looking for advice or guidance with your cold emails, reach out to us. Book a call here.

This article was written by Ghaya khamassi — Skills21 alumna.




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