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7 Easy Steps to Help You Get an Internship Without Losing Your Mind

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Identify your personal and professional goals

  • Is your objective to work in a different country? Is it to reach a certain level in the hierarchy of a company?
  • Would you like to work in an office, remotely from the comfort of your home or maybe have the possibility to choose?
  • What field interests you the most? Most job positions fit in companies operating in a different sector. If you are passionate about music and study accounting, you can apply for an Accounting/Finance position at Spotify.
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Research companies that might interest you

Websites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn might help you in this step.

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Build a Job Application Board

Helpful tools: Trello, Notion, Google Sheet or Excel.

Grade companies for better time management

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Craft CVs and motivation letters for each application

Helpful tool: (to check your email is well-formatted and does not contain grammar and punctuation mistakes).

Send your applications to recruiters

Tip: Use to see if your email has been opened or not and how many times! It will help you track the progress and make the right move for a follow-up on the status of your application.

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Track your progress

Good Luck ❤

  • Hunting for an internship is similar to betting. The rate of getting accepted differs from one company to another. The chance of getting accepted in Google is not the same as getting accepted in a newly created startup in your home country/city. It’s important to understand this and build on it. In your application board, make sure that you include diverse companies in terms of size, popularity, location and field.



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