7 SEO Techniques To Create Content And Increase Blog Traffic

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Mohamed Islem Ounalli CEO WritUp and expert behind skills21 “Intro to SEO” training session.
Mohamed Islem Ounalli CEO WritUp and expert behind skills21 “Intro to SEO” training session.

Creating content on the internet as a part of inbound marketing is an effective way to generate leads. It is an important step in sparking their interest and letting them know that you exist while being informative. You can check our lead generation article for more details. But, if you write content that doesn’t have a good ranking on Google or that nobody is looking for, chances are you’ll never be read, seen, or noticed. Thus, you won’t be able to generate leads or profit.

During our last session, our expert Mohamed Islem Ounalli, digital marketer and at the same time CEO of Writup a freelance content writing platform, crafted for us a list of effective SEO techniques that help in creating pertinent content and thus increasing blog traffic.

If you face issues in writing converting content or feel worried when it comes to optimizing your articles, we have the 💡 for you:

1 — SEO keywords:

There are types of keywords, a primary one for which you want to rank and secondary ones that support the latter. A good keyword is related to your business, has a good number of searches by your prospects, and has low competition. It is better to work on long-tail keywords. These are characterized by a high conversion rate and at the same time are less competitive. Many tools can help you choose the right keywords, such as Google Search Console, Google Trends, and Ubersuggest.

2 — Meta title:

A meta title defines the title that is displayed in search results.

These are some tips to better optimize it:

  • Use your primary keyword in the meta title
  • The number of characters shouldn’t exceed 65
  • Make it unique and catchy
  • A meta title is different from the title of the page

3 — URL:

Use your keyword in your URL, try to make it short, separate words with dashes, and avoid using dates.

4 — Number of words:

The longer your content, the more valuable and thus better classified by Google. You can use this magic formula ✨ to calculate the ideal competitive number of words to write:

Average of the first 5 results that appear in the search * 2

NOTE: Keep in mind that the minimum number of words is 300.

Example :

For this article we looked into the first 5 articles after searching our topic “SEO Techniques To Create Content And Increase Blog Traffic”, we also used Keyword Surfer to have the total number of words of each page which we highly recommend you use it too for this simple exercise.

From there we found that the idea number of words of this article would be :

6.752 * 2 = 13.504 words 💥

A demo of how we did it and how you can do it too! 👇

Calculating the idea number of words of this article using the formula provided by the expert.
A demo of how we did it and how can you do it too to win over your competitors!

5 — Density:

How many keywords should you or are you allowed to use?

The ideal keyword density is 1%. For example, if you’re writing an article that contains 100 words, you shouldn’t use your keyword more than one time. And for an article of 500 words, you can repeat it 5 times.

6 — Titles:

You can use 4 Tips to optimize your titles:

TIP 1: H1 represents the principle title, for this use only one H1.

For our case the only H1 tag or T is the principle title of this article as represented in the following picture :

H1 tag in this article is : 7 SEO Techniques To Create Content And Increase Blog Traffic.

TIP 2: Insert your primary keyword in the H1 and the first H2.

Primary keywords are the terms you want to rank up for. These are terms with high search volume that can bring a considerable amount of traffic to your site. For our case for example our primary keywords are the terms related to SEO Techniques, Creating Content and Increase Blog Traffic.

TIP 3: Use secondary keywords in other subtitles.

Secondary keywords are those that play a supporting role. In other words, they support the primary keywords and bring in additional information. They may not have the same SEO value as the primary keywords, but using them can still help you outrank your competitors.

TIP 4: Every page should include at least two H2.

7 — Images:

You can use these tips to optimize your images:

  1. Be specific with your alt text and use your keyword in it.
  2. Compress your pictures, for instance you can use Compressor.
  3. Preferably use JPEG and PNG formats.

To sum up, SEO optimization for your articles or content is crucial. And to do so, there are several techniques. In this article, we covered seven of them.

For more such techniques on sales-related topics, follow us. And for help in starting your tech sales career, visit our website.

This article was written by Ghaya khamassi — Skills21 alumna.




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