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Be Job Ready!

This content is a short summary of the Skills21 Training session ‘Be Job Ready!’ delivered by Heithem Zrelli.

As a first tactic to improve your chances to be accepted for a job interview, you need to personalize your CV to the job offer. And for this objective, you must analyze carefully the job description.

What are the needed skills?

What are the demanded tasks?

Is there any important keyword to include in your CV?

The skills needed to perform in a tech sales position

A sales rep is good at listening not talking. A potential client who feels heard is more likely to convert. People buy emotionally and justify their decisions logically. So, People buy from empathetic sales reps, who know exactly how to identify the prospect’s pain in order to provide the right solution. A good sales rep asks questions to anticipate objections, uncover the client’s budget and discover the alternatives the client is using.

A sales rep is very organized. He uses a system (an effective repeatable methodology) to understand the prospect’s needs and ultimately close the deal. He also sets SMART goals and manages time well in order to meet specific metrics. To be more productive, he uses generally technical tools especially CRMs.

A sales rep needs to develop good communication techniques to convince the client and to collaborate well with colleagues. Finally, to be a real expert, a salesperson should embrace a life-long journey.

How to improve your CV and your LinkedIn profile

To prepare a good CV, you need to follow some best practices. The most important to mention are :

-Avoid any spelling mistake;

-Use a professional photo and a professional email address;

-Always include a short bio to summarize your experiences;

-Customize your CV to the job offer by including the most important skills mentioned in the job description;

-Make your CV scannable (easily readable);

Nowadays, a Linkedin profile is also a must to highlight your core skills and professional experiences. To get more visibility in LinkedIn, catch attention with an original headline and bio. Then, detail your experiences. Get recommendations and endorsements from friends and colleagues. Publish high-quality content and interact with potential recruiters.

To be more distinguished in the actual job market, you can use a Video CV to enhance your personal branding.

Get ready for a job interview

When you get the chance of a job interview, see this as a dating opportunity. You need to seduce the recruiter with your intelligence, motivation, and core skills. That’s why there are some rules to follow here.

-Be punctual and get professionally clothed;

-Listen actively and pay attention to every detail the recruiter will tell;

-Have a powerful and correct posture when you talk;

-Be organized in your thoughts and give a fluid presentation;

-Demonstrate your skills: highlight your experiences, talk numbers, and achievements, put your negotiation skills into practice;

-Show your soft skills and your mad skills;

-Always smile;

-Do not interrupt the recruiter;

-Control your emotions (stress, anxiety, excitement) and your gaze;

-Don’t show hesitation. Be always affirmative

Finally, do not forget to send a thank you email after the job interview.

If you are interested in pursuing a sales career, Skills21 is the right solution for you. We help you, not only develop tech sales skills but join promising startups in the MENA and Africa. To get more details about us, please visit



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