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Why is Content Writing Important for Businesses

It can either make them or break them

Why should I give away valuable free content?

Why should I invest in content writing if its purpose is not selling?

You might be asking these questions, but your being here means you already sense that it’s important and just want some tangible reasons. Which is what you’ll get from this article.

Content writing is a vital part of any business. It helps in improving the ranking of your site, increases online visibility and thus it leads to an increase in sales. Maybe not right away but surely one day.

Still not convinced?

Let’s dive deeper into our question: WHY?

1. Creating engagement:

Content writing is a great way of reaching out to people who are interested in your product or service and helping them know more about it.

Using the right content, you can reach deeper into your audience and gain followers.

People that consume your content can engage with it and with you as a brand.

And that leads to more engagement and visibility and increases the chances of more people noticing you and more leads buying from you.


In this example, Allied Van Lines creates engagement among its audience with this content shared on LinkedIn.

That way it can reach beyond its current followers and get to the ideal buyers and customers.

As followers react and share, their connections will be exposed to this post and maybe curious enough to check the brand and what they do or even become a follower when they believe that they’ll receive more valuable content in their feeds in the future.

2. Building brand image:

Writing is a great way to convey your business’s objectives, mission, and vision. It helps tell your story and that of your customers.

It is a vital part of creating and establishing your brand’s identity on the web and standing out.

You can tell stories of satisfied customers or valuable information your niche can’t stop thinking about.

By sharing information and stories you’ll build an image in the minds of people about your brand.

People will know you for the attributes you want them to know you for.

Generally, they won’t buy right away. They need time and awareness. They need more information to make the decision. And here comes the power of content as it conveys your message effectively and powerfully and builds your brand’s image.


As you can see, Lemlist successfully created the image of a solution and being an expert in outbound reaching and cold emailing through sharing high-quality content in the form of blogs.

Now the first thought you’ll get when you see Lemlist is cold emailing. And the first solution you’ll think about if you consider trying cold emailing would be Lemlist.

3. Building brand loyalty:

You can meet your customers where they are and take them through a journey of enlightenment.

You can share the adventure. They know you’re there as a mentor and an expert. Someone they can trust and look up to.

Content writing helps you in creating a good reputation, gaining credibility and trust, and building a relationship with your customers.

They’ll come back to you whenever they need help.

And most importantly, they’ll come back to you each time they’re willing to buy.


Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your customers, provide value, and nurture your relationship.

In this example, natural success is doing it in a captivating way through telling stories, organizing the newsletter, and following copywriting rules.

Using newsletters you won’t go out of sight out of mind. You will stay connected to your customers, ensure that they come back to you if they consider buying, and share your new offers and deals.

Now you can decide for yourself if content writing is worth investing in to help you grow your business.

I can hear your answer.

Then go ahead and hire a talented content writer or maybe start doing that yourself. And keep in mind that while you’re writing to educate, inform and educate, quality should be the most important variable, not quantity and not an extreme focus on selling.



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