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Why You Need Storytelling in Sales and How to Learn It

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Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash

The importance of storytelling in sales:

How to learn storytelling?

  • Is my story clear and easy to understand?
  • Can my customer see himself or herself in this story?
  • Am I showing my point through the story or am I just telling facts?
  • Is my story easy to follow? Can my customer retell the story to themselves easily?
  • Does my story reflect the bright future I’m offering my customer?
  • Does my story open a room for my customer to dream and imagine while listening?

Key takeaways:

  • The key to successful sales is not about how many people you talk to. It’s all about how much your customers trust you and the relationship you build with them. And storytelling is an excellent way to build that trust and make your customers feel like they know you.
  • People buy you WHY not your WHAT. That’s the reason why stories sell.
  • The ultimate way to master storytelling is by practicing.



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