How to Read Self-Help Effectively for True Growth

If you can’t remember what you read, then this is for you

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How to choose a book

Book score = (((Ratings^(1/5))*(Rating^5))^5)/12.72*100*Books divided by 12.72 which is the highest score so far to standardise out of 100

The science behind the 8 round system

Recall not passive reading

Spaced repetition

Short bursts of focus



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Round 1: First listen (10 minutes)

Round 2: Second listen (15 minutes)

Round 3: First read and notes (20 minutes)

Round 4: Use other sources to complete notes (15 minutes)

Round 5: Critique with external sources (15 minutes)


Other books

Round 6: Build (15 minutes)

Round 7: Complete paraphrase (20 minutes)

Round 8: Action plan (10 minutes)

Bonus Round: Regular flashbacks & rewrites

All you need to know

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