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Danny Forest
Jun 28 · Unlisted

Hey, thanks for checking this page out!

If you’re here, I’m assuming you’re at least mildly interested in writing for the SkillUp publication. It’s the only Medium publication that’s all about Education and Skill Development.

When I say Education with an “E”, I mean the following:

the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.

That’s what Education really is about. It’s not a building with walls, it’s a process. Though if you do write about schools, we still want to see it. Schools are a means to get an education, like online courses and books are.

So, if you write about Education, your stories might be a good fit for SkillUp!


  1. Always follow Medium’s own guidelines.
  2. Write enticing headlines and choose good images. As much as possible be more creative than just picking the first image you find on Unsplash. Feel free to use PixelBay and Pexels as alternatives.
  3. Format nicely. See our previous articles for good examples. We will reject articles where the formatting isn’t good.
  4. Read this for tons of info on how to make things nice.

What we reject

  1. Stories that are not about Education and Skill Development
  2. Poorly formatted stories
  3. Uninformative or boring content
  4. Stories that were definitely not checked through Grammarly

How to contribute

  1. Fill this form out
  2. We’ll contact you when we can
  3. We may or may not give feedback on rejections (mostly, if the above is not met, we will not give feedback)

The SkillUp publication is brought to you by SkillUp Academy, a Forest Co company.

SkillUp Ed

Helping you grow through better Education


Danny Forest

Written by

Viking Polymath writing for today’s knowledge economy, building a more skillful tomorrow. https://skillup-academy.com

SkillUp Ed

Helping you grow through better Education

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