Let this skill become the master of all

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I’ve often wondered what the best skill to learn was.

For a while, I thought it was learning a language, until I realized I was only biased since I speak 6. Then I believed the most important skill was to learn how to learn. After all, if you do, you could potentially learn anything in the world. But, then again, anybody can learn anything if they put enough time into it.

I’ve come to think the best skill to learn is the ability to combine skills.

The most incredible discoveries in this world were all thanks to people combining knowledge…

What if I told you I used my chest as a carpet?

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I’ve been losing my hair for years now and learned to accept it only a year ago.

But if there’s one place where I am hairy, it’s my chest.

One of my exes found this fact interesting. She also happened to be very gullible from time to time. One day, as I had gotten out of the shower, I randomly told her I used to use my own chest as my carpet to dry my feet. She looked at me, in shock.

“You’re making fun of me again.”

I looked at her and showed her I could rub a foot…

Adopt these habits to enhance your learning process.

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A few days ago, I finished reading Leonardo da Vinci’s biography by Walter Isaacson. This book is easily the best 30 bucks I’ve spent in lockdown. Such an amazing read! My mind was absolutely blown.

I’m sure you know who Leonardo da Vinci is (or at least have heard his name before), but I’ll refresh your memory anyway: With expertise spanning virtually all fields known to man — arts, science, engineering, humanities — Leonardo has been dubbed the “Renaissance Man.”

He is, arguably, history’s most creative genius.

How is it possible to become an expert in so many fields? And…

How to make sure you are always improving

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When I first started learning Korean, I paid a lot of attention to what techniques could help me effectively study my target language. Then, I thought to myself: “how can I optimize my learning experience ? Is there a right way to learn?”.

At first, I thought I just needed to make sure I was steadily improving: after a while, I would start being fluent, right? …

Create a context, use it, and master the language.

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Apps like Duolingo have been all the rage for learning languages for many years now. With each day that passes, I am saddened by how many people rely exclusively on them.

Why would you learn how to say “Is the cheese delicious?” if you don’t like cheese and are learning Thai? Why would you study a list of names of animals in the language even though you never talk about animals?

Apps like Duolingo and Memrise, used on their own, are the key to losing hope in a language. As time passes by, you start noticing you still can’t hold…

#3 Emotional and psychological stability.

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Last week we (NASA) landed a rover on Mars. In the next two years, it will explore the planet, drill the surface and look for signs of previous life.

This is the first of several missions heading to Mars. The most ambitious plan is led by SpaceX, which aims to send a group of people in 2026.

This opens up new possibilities, the chance to become the first humans to step onto a new planet. It means we need to ask ourselves questions like: Do I want to go to Mars? Do I have what it takes to live on…

It’s way more adaptable than you think.

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Let’s say you’re in London and need to get from The Tower of London to Notting Hill. You jump into an iconic black taxi to get there.

Chances are that your driver will not even turn the GPS on. Not only that, they will know every single turn to take on the trip before starting the engine. In fact, they will know the route so well that they can have an intelligent conversation with the passenger without focusing on where they’re heading.

All London black cab drivers must master the 25 000 streets and more than 100 000 points of…

How to learn new skills quickly.

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Tim Ferriss is known as the king of optimisation and is continuously volunteering himself as a human guinea-pig to test the limits of what’s possible. He devotes himself to the principle that if you approach the world as a student, there are very few limits to what you can achieve.

He has a self-proclaimed goal of mastering the ability to learn new skills quickly. To achieve fast learning of new skills, he developed a method he calls DiSSS(Deconstruction, Selection, Sequencing and Stakes).

Mastering a skill usually requires years of practice. But developing solid fundamentals goes a lot quicker. By practicing…

It’s way easier than you think.

Image by Kaffeetastisch from Pixabay

With so many of us working from home, now is the optimal time to learn to make a delicious cup of coffee. The process only takes about 5–10 minutes and allows you to produce world-class coffee from your own kitchen. This article will show you the process and secrets to make a perfect cup of filter coffee.

Ingredients and equipment needed: quality coffee, clean water, a coffee grinder, a boiling/pouring device, a thin paper filter, a cone (e.g. v60) and a cup or retainer.

Quality ingredients

A cup of coffee only consists of two things; coffee beans and water. …

To learn your target language better

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We are all creatures of habit. We do most of our daily tasks without putting too much thought into them. This holds for our language learning habits as well.

Especially when we are learning a second or third, or fourth language, life becomes more chaotic when we maintain contact with several languages simultaneously, on top of school, work, family, kids, etc.

If the habits are not reviewed periodically for their efficiency, they do not serve the purpose of why they were incorporated into our routine. …

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