When I’m drunk, I get (overly?) philosophical

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What follows is one of those moments. But don’t get the drunken state fool you because what’s coming is dead serious.

Let’s start with a simple question: do you know what makes a game fun?

Is it because you’re in a simulated universe you have yet to discover?
Is it because you can…

Using one of my favourite free online tools — Emberly

Sections of my visual resume on Emberly

Here’s is my (interactive) visual resume in all its glory:

My fully-interaction visual resume

I’ve been an Emberly user since the day it launched in Alpha and have been using it in a variety of ways. I’ve used it to build skill trees mostly, but one way that never fails to impress people is for building a personal visual resume, like the above.

Every time I share my visual resume, people are either impressed or intrigued or both. Either way, it gets people talking. And that’s good, my friend!

I’ve hired people in the past and a surefire way for…

#3: Only Listening to Native Speakers

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After 20 months of learning Hungarian, I finally reached level B1 and can have simple conversations with native speakers.

Does it seem like slow progress to you? It does for me too, but then I need to remind myself: Hungarian is one of the most difficult languages in the world.

Some days, I feel I am close to becoming fluent. Other days, all I want to say is “baszd meg” — that’s Hungarian for… you can imagine what.

But I keep going. Over these 20 months, I have improved my learning techniques but I have also noticed some mistakes I…

Learning doesn’t equal spending more money. Here are 6 proven ways that have helped me to find free online resources.

Laptop and notepad
Laptop and notepad
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Whenever we’re trying to learn something new, “Google” is the most intuitive action we take. Google is certainly used a lot of times, but I bet everyone also has frustrated experiences after Googling and seeing all the advertisements and commercial-heavy content on the search engine result pages.

I started my self-learning journey last year. I started my own YouTube channel, hosted and set up a personal Chinese blog, designed my own logo and arts, and learned a lot about computer science, especially front-end, all by researching and learning online by myself.

It sounds that I’ve learned a lot just within…

How to maximize growth strategies

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Working doesn’t have to be plain and boring; you can get the best of your time while working by boosting productivity, learning something new, and apply it to critical aspects of your life.

The learning principles are pretty simple, and you can learn efficiently and effectively these days from the comfort of wherever you are.

Although most working-class people think learning is impossible considering the type of jobs they engage in and the long hours they spend there.

I worked at a grocery store last year during the pandemic's heat. We were essential workers, and for three months straight, all…

What is too small to notice is what will make you better

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No good journey is ever easy or short.

So many people want to become fluent in a foreign language within a few months. Many writers want to become well-known by their 5th article or even with their first book. Some want to travel around the world on a boat they just learned to navigate last week.

When you hope to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time, you also hope to improve quickly. You give up everything in your life to focus on that one goal. As you learn, you want daily Eureka moments.

Weeks later — months…

Ensure that you’re getting the most out of your language exchange

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Committing to learning a language takes a lot of work.

Progressing through different aspects of the language can seem daunting, and the number of resources available can make your head spin. A tried and true method of improving your speaking skills is to practice speaking with native speakers.

Speaking with native speakers can seem intimidating, so having a language partner who is also learning your native language is an excellent exchange of knowledge and gives you a sense of companionship as you both embark on similar journies together.

Suppose you plan to exchange with new people each week by attending…

When parenthood was no longer in the cards, the absence caused me to reinvent my life and find purpose.

Centenarian tree with large trunk and big roots above the ground
Centenarian tree with large trunk and big roots above the ground
Wise centenarian tree with a large trunk and big roots above the ground | Image By Carlos Caetano, Shutterstock

Life-long learning is a journey worth traveling, given the wide-ranging health benefits and purpose-driven outcomes. This article will explore three benefits and one cautionary tale of continued learning through personal examples of acquiring psychotherapy and coaching skills.

Life-Long Learners Stay Connected And Have Purpose

On February 27, 2021, I turned forty-five years old. While on the surface, my birthday may not sound like a big event, yet, symbolically, it was. Leading up to my special day, I finally found peace, knowing I will never physically bear a child and raise a newborn into adulthood.

For many women, the ability to become a mother is a rite of…

Learning the hard way is the way to learn.

Image by dep377 on Pixabay.com

I should have been on the sales floor making chit-chat with walk-ins and polishing Harley-Davidson chrome, but instead I sat in Kevin’s office, chewing a Tootsie Roll from the glass bowl on his desk while listening to him talk about his son Junior’s commercial plumbing business. I had never met Junior, nor was I very interested in him, and I certainly wasn’t interested in commercial plumbing. …

“How” you learn isn’t the most important factor

Photo by Yeshi Kangrang on Unsplash

There’s too much fuss about how to learn something nowadays.

I write about it too so I’m part of the problem. But this isn’t what I’m here to tackle today. Learning how to learn a skill is important, but the advice often doesn’t fit well in other categories.

If I tell you to listen to a language while doing something else as passive learning to improve your foreign language, it’s great but it won’t be useful if you’re trying to learn a sign language or how to make origami. I haven’t found good podcasts for those at least.

There are…

SkillUp Ed

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