Hyland, Under the Lights

I was going to get up early and go to Hyland, especially if Luke had been up for it, but instead Luke said he couldn’t make it, I stayed up late “improving” the mobile UI of noahhoffmanfantasyxc.com. I know this is thrilling, but basically I decreased the number of characters allowed for an athlete’s name on the /athletes page when it’s a mobile screen, and then also limited the characters allowed for the team name in the /my_athletes screen in general, and made the team name expand to fill the whole screen when on mobile. I think it looks a lot better, hopefully people agree.

In any case, that resulted in me turning my alarm off until 10:30am, when I finally rolled out of bed & got ready for work. I was thinking that after work, I’d zip up to the gas station, fill my tank, and then jump over to Baker for an hour or so. Caveman and Speedy both told me I was an idiot and that I should definitely ski Hyland, not Baker, so this is called Hyland, Under the Lights, not Baker, in the Dark.

By the time I made it out to Hyland, it was around 8:40. The park closes at 10 (though apparently you can still get out after 10, just they come around and ticket your car for still being parked in the park. It’s like a super expensive extended hours), so I ran in, took a leak, got back to my car, finished getting ready for skiing, and headed out onto the trail. Mind you, I’ve been to Hyland twice before to roller ski; one of those times was also in the dark, so I have literally no idea where I’m going. Thankfully, it’s pretty obvious where you can ski & which way you have to go by which direction all the tracks go & where the lights are.

It turns out Hyland is really rolly (apparently not a word), and the skiing was fantastic (at least under the scrutiny of a near sighted skier in the dark). The trails were quite wide and well packed, and there were probably five other people out there with me. They’re apparently making snow like crazy on the 5k loop so that it will withstand any thaw the winter can throw at it, so they haven’t even opened that yet, but there was one small loop and one larger one around a lake that were open and lit, and they were super fun. I skied them both twice, once just skating and the next time no pole skating, and then did some speed work on even smaller loops closer to the parking lot.

I do have one complaint about tonight, which doesn’t seem like as big of a deal looking back, but it was a big deal. It was cold. -1ºF getting out of the car, -2 when I got back in. Super duper cold. Freezing tears on eyelashes cold. I don’t normally wear a buff, but lately my normal has been interrupted by these miserable temperatures, and I’ve been buffing it up. I’m definitely not an expert buffer, and so I don’t really like it. The thing gets so wet and doesn’t let me breathe as raggedly as I want to, and then if I pull it down for a few minutes it freezes… It’s just a mess. Maybe I’ll figure out how to buff soon. Or maybe that’s just how it is, was, and always will be.

I brought my drone with me today after discovering it DID come with a memory card, but after sitting in the car for an hour while I skied, its battery was too cold to do any vertical damage. I had told The Mummer that I’d try to get some footage with it, so I did take it out when I got home and tried taking a video, but the wind blew it like crazy and I landed it in the snow a couple times. Hopefully it’ll still work. I can’t get the video off of it because I have a regular SD card slot and it’s a micro SD… But soon!

I stopped in at Walmart on my way home to pick up some carbs & dairy, and promptly ate carbs & dairy upon arriving home. They’re definitely my favorite two food groups. A limerick (I don’t drink, but do it for the rhyme. For me, replace wine with ice cream & we’re there):

Vegetables and meat are all well and fine
When you go out on the town for to dine
But when you stay in
Don’t think it a sin
If all you have is cheddar, bread, and wine

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