Summertime Treatments for your body and face!!!

Skin Science has the best summertime treatments for your body and face!!!

No matter your body shape, skin tone, diet or exercise plan, over time our skin loses elasticity, collagen weakens and it becomes harder to lose certain pockets of fat. We also develop wrinkles, fine lines and have a genetic predisposition to cellulite, which becomes a common concern. Skin Science provides comfortable, affordable treatments that provides superior results with no downtime.

Ultherapy — Lifts and Tightens Skin

As we age, our bodies slow down the production of collagen and elastin causing laxity and wrinkles in various places over our bodies. Our bodies don’t have to be exposed to surgery anymore with this new non-invasive FDA approved treatment. Ultherapy increases the production of collagen and elastin which decreases laxity and wrinkles by lifting and tightening the skin over 3–6 months. This is a one time treatment with results lasting 2–3 years. Skin laxity of nonfacial areas has traditionally been difficult to treat until now! This is a great treatment for patients who are tired of the sagging arms, knees, thighs, decollete, face, neck, and chin.

CoolSculpting- Freezes Stubborn Fat

This revolutionary nonsurgical body contouring treatment that freezes stubborn fat, which then is naturally eliminated from your body. No needles, no special diet, no supplements, no surgery. And most importantly, no downtime. It’s safe, FDA-cleared, effective, and does exactly what it’s supposed to do. CoolSculpting is a proven effective treatment; 92% of patients had a noticeable difference after just one treatment.

VelaShape III -

The VelaShape uses a combination of technologies: A vacuum elevates the target tissue, bringing it closer to the energy source, infrared light (IR) directly heats the targeted area, bi-polar radio frequency (RF) energy safely guides heat evenly throughout the targeted area, so that it heats faster without damaging the skin. These energies combine to deep heat fat cells and the surrounding tissue. The result is smaller circumference and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite. The VelaShape III treatment is safe and effective for all skin types and colors. The treatment protocol is 3 short sessions per body area every 2 weeks.

Venus Legacy-

The Venus Legacy provides Multipolar Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pulse Therapy to the skin, producing a dense and uniform heat matrix. This causes collagen synthesis and contraction, fibroblast proliferation, neovascularity and lipolysis. This technology has been used in medicine for many years and are proven, safe and effective. The number of treatments required will vary patient to patient. Absolutely no downtime. A treatment to one area takes less than 30 minutes, and has no adverse side effects. You are able to have a treatment on your lunch break and return to work right away.

Call Skin Science 504–309–7048 for a complimentary consultation to help correct your troubled areas!

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