Blurred Vision

What was the last time you felt blackout and just closing your eyes and felt like to just leave this body?

What’t the meaning of this article?

Well it’s just about, how you see things when your body aka your vision does not allow you or does not have power to sustain the vision. How do I relate to it?

There comes a time where you’re not able to imagine a vision vividly. It’s because either we’re missing a crucial subject in that imagination or it is not the right time to imagine i.e. your brain is fooling you or to be more precise, it might just randomly run some bunch of mixed old memories which you remember but not properly.

So, to imagine anything that you are creative about or are curious about (like I’m very curious about Dark energy, dark matter and space stuff) you need to feel the motion of your imagination and be a part of that vision itself.

“It doesn’t matters what you’re imagining, it matters what you bring to live.”