iPhone Tips & Tricks (2018 Version)

To all those who’re now part of the apple family and are using iPhone for many years or even if you’re new to the Apple UserInterface Envoirnment,

This blog is contains some pro tips and tricks for using your iPhone at it’s level best.


As any device user (other than iPhone) security is most immportat and cannot be bared at certain point for which i personally praise Apple though it’s not perfect but the best.

I share some of my discovered tips on iPhone(s) older than iPhone X as few features are inbuilt in the X due to it’s FaceID feature.

Turning off Significant Locations:

This feature not just drink some sips of your battery juice but also track you down every time you visit a new location (based on your lat long).

Although it clearly says that it’s encrypted and cannot be read by Apple, it’s better if you turn it off. You can find this in, Settings>Privacy>Location Services> ‘Scroll Down’ and >System Services again scroll down to >Significant Locations, Verify with TouchID & turn it Off.

Customising Notification Preview:

Okay so a tweaked and better version of this is already avaliable on the latest & greatest iPhone X. Let’s see how to get it on iPhone5s till iPhone8+.

There are two options to do this,

First, if you don’t want to see any notification preview from all the apps on your iPhone on the Lockscreen or Unlocked, just select When Unlocked or Never option in, Settings> Notification> Show Previews.

Second, you can go down and select that particular application for which you don’t want to see any notification while the screen is lock/unlocked. *It can be very annoying when someone peeks your phone and sees those WhatsApp texts and those Instagram DMs and maybe others too*.

After you go with either of the options, just go to Setting>General>Assessibilty>Home Button> Rest Finger to Open , turn it off and if you dont see this option then you’re really using an old iPhone ;p. You need to do this becasue after setting the Notofication Preview, there might be a point where you dont want to unlock your phone and just want to see the Notifications on the lock screen. once you do this, just put you fingure on Home Button and your Notifications will be visible if you’ve set them When Unlocked. *A Video related to this will be posted soon*

Using SOS Feature to Deactivate TouchID:

If you don’t want anyone to breach into your iPhone while you’re asleep, just press your Power Button Three/Five Times and your TouchID will be Deactivated. *Should do this before you go to sleep ;P One of my very close friend aka brother does it everynight.*

If your SOS is not set, Just go to, Settings> Emergency SOS and select Click Sleep/Wake 3 Times *also turn off that Countdown sound from the bottom of this page, If you want to, it can be very annoying*


Custom Actions for AssistiveTouch:

If you’re using iPhone older than 7 or 7+ i.e. 5s, 6 or 6s series, then you might be very familiar with the AssistiveTouch or if you’ve upgraded you still have the habit of using it for HomeButton funcationality such as Exit to HomeScreen & AppSwitcher which you no longer require on 7 and grater models as they are not a Physical Button anymore.

So what is it more that you can use your AssistiveTouch for?

Taking Quick/OneHanded ScreenShots by setting it as a CUSTOM ACTION in Double-Tap in AssistiveTouch Settings.

If your Mute Button is damaged and your iPhone is out of warranty or maybe you dont want to spend money, You can set the Long Press CUSTOM ACTION to Mute and you’re all good. (software part developed very well by the Developers).

If you have 6s or greater you can add some more CUSTOM ACTIONS on the 3D Touch Option.

Using Snapcht’s My Eyes Only:

if You’re a Snapper, yeah you read it right that’s what i’d call a snapchat user. Anyways, if you use snapchat then you might know this feature. You can use it as a PhotoValut insted of using any other application which is full of advertisiment. and if you dont use or have Snapchat, Well now you know how to use it, So Get it! ;P.

To do this just simply, Open your Snapchat, Swipe Up, Click on the right top Button to select the pictures you want to hide and once you’re done selecting, click on the Lock Symbol in the Bottom and Add it to My Eyes Only then delete from your device. *dont worry you can get them back from when every you want from My Eyes Only*, A Video for this is also on it’s way…

Thank You! very Much for reading, iHope it’d have helped you a lot if you were unfamiliar with these features & tricks. keep supporting for more content like this.