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From Mods to Mousemats

How CS:GO’s Community Workshop created a new artistic industry.

Full-Time Job Potential

4 different weapon skins sporting the Neo-Noir design were released in CS:GO.

Crossing Over

The Steelseries Neon Rider collection.

Not Just CS:GO

Warframe also uses the Workshop while sourcing cosmetics.

A Model for the Future?

With the ever-evolving gaming landscape, nothing is certain, however, we feel that community involvement is key to video game growth. Allowing players to create their own content, as well as use other people’s content has been a key to success for many games in the past. Adding a well-thought-out monetary element to the equation is sure to only make it more interesting and profitable.



Skinwallet is a digital goods marketplace allowing users to take full control over their in-game items.

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We are Skinwallet, a digital goods trading website. We believe in a future where you’ll be able to pay for real-life items with digital goods.