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Turning Digital Items Into Real Funds

The Ins and outs of user-oriented skin monetization

Steam and its Wallet

First, however, a short, foreword on Steam Community Market and the way funds are used with it. In its earlier iterations, Steam only had a software store that was used to purchase new games. This already included the Steam Wallet, which was a converter of digitally transmitted dollars into Steam’s inner currency equated with the dollar’s value.

Let’s take things outside

Third-party websites — at first glance this phrase looks really shady, but it’s just a code word for any websites outside Valve’s network. It includes providers of various peripheral services, including markets and mass deposit stores.

Skins as currency

Skins can be used to pay for other digital goods and services, and not only in a barter system. Of course, you can have all kinds of personal trades with other users where you’re not directed by the monetary value of items and come to your own terms, but here we’re talking about instances where one can literally use their Steam inventory as their wallet.

Cash for skins?

Some third parties make it possible for Steam users to perform what is called a mass deposit, which means you can sell a number of your skins to a service utilising trading bots within Steam and receive a cash payment for them. It usually requires the depositing party to have a non-banned Steam account and a configured payment method.

Where light grey turns to black

It’s sad to say that both the Steam API key and human gullibility are abused to a very disadvantageous extent. Aside from completely legal third-party services, there seems to be a never-ending surge of gambling websites that take in items from CS:GO, Dota 2, and other games that utilise Steam Inventory.

Keeping it real

Users needing a surge of cash would be advised to entrust services that voice their concern for your safety and have a clear monetization procedure set out. With basically free access to Steam’s API, it’s hard to keep watch on every website’s process and intentions.



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