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What Shakes the CS:GO Skins Market [Part 2/2]

… and how to prepare for it.

Stickers and Souvenirs

Among the thousands of items found in the CS:GO digital repository, there are two types of niche items that have the biggest connection to CS:GO esports.

Major Suspects

All this brings us Majors and their impact on the skin market. Major tournaments are basically the biggest CS:GO tournaments that are co-organized by Valve. Introduced in 2013, Majors have a big prize pool of $1,000,000. For a CS:GO team winning a Major is equal to becoming the world champions.

A Sticky Situation

Majors aren’t the only esports events that can shake the market and change the prices. When it comes to esports stickers, their price can change overnight due to any events on the esport scene, or even rumors. Holding stickers of well-known teams may be a very lucrative investment. A good example of that is when the prices of sticker-autographs of the Polish team Virtus.Pro skyrocketed after the organization terminated all player contracts. This caused a 40% rise in value.

The wide, wide world

Although CS:GO skins trading market may seem secretive and hard to grasp, it is a full-fledged, mature market with different niches that can satisfy traders, investors, and collectors alike. Why not give it a go?



Skinwallet is a digital goods marketplace allowing users to take full control over their in-game items.

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