7 Reasons NOT to Skip Lunchtime

No time for lunch

Today, like every other day, either you skip lunchtime or you eat at your workstation in front of your computer. You have a lot of work to do and you don’t have time to take a little break. Maybe you think taking a lunch break is counterproductive but it’s not true!

We identified 7 reasons why you HAVE TO take a lunch break:

  1. Your brain needs a constant supply of energy to work optimally. Your lunch boosts your performance, it’s the fuel for your brain.
  2. It’s also important to step away from your workstation and change your environment throughout the day. Lunchtime is therefore a great occasion! Go outside & take a walk!
  3. You have to eat but you also have to take a break for your brain. Taking a break helps you to become more creative. Everybody has a creative component in his job as problem-solving, managing teams, finding creative solutions …
  4. Eat with your colleagues can help you progressing in your career. Taking your lunch with co-workers can be an easy way to network and relax at the same time without the pressure you might feel during official business lunches.
  5. You feel like you have too much work to do and you feel “overloaded”. You don’t want to spend extra hours at work? Some researches show us that skipping lunch has negative effects on your motivation levels.
  6. Working without appropriate breaks across the day affects negatively your productivity. You need to recharge & refocus in order to increase your productivity.
  7. The most successful workplace are those where managers encourage employers to take a lunch break!
Enjoy a great lunch with your co-workers

Did you already hear the story about the two American architects working for more than 12-hours a day but who never skip lunch? For them, lunch is really important & helps to recharge their batteries and to get the head out of their computer. They eat in different restaurants each day. They also decided to write a blog compiling posts about their daily lunch! An inspiring story that shows us how you can have a great career while taking a lunch break every day ….

Convinced ? Will you skip lunch next week ?

See you soon 😘