7 Tips To Buy Online

It can be difficult sometimes …

Book a flight, buy your favorite book on Amazon, order your lunch on Skip-Q, buy clothes you can only find on e-shops, rent a car for your holidays, book a ticket for the next concert of Justin Bieber … Today it’s really difficult to live without PayPal accounts and Credit or Prepaid cards. But is paying online really safe?

In 2016, 84% of the European people surfed on the Internet while 55% of them bought online¹. Nowadays, buying online is safer than before. However, you still have to be careful, just as if you were in a shop. Risks exist everywhere. We decided therefore to give you some advices for your next online purchases.

  1. Do not buy from websites you don’t know

First of all, you have to buy from a well-known shop or from a recommended shop. If you find a product on a website you never heard of, just take a look at its reputation on the internet. Ask Google, it is your best friend!

2. Do not buy from an unprotected URL

Do not enter your card details on an URL that starts with HTTP. Look for the HTTPS. Those are protected as there are encrypted, which means that nobody can intercept your data. And switch on your VPN if you have one.

3. Use alternative payment methods

If you can pay with PayPal or a Ticket Restaurant card, just do it. It is a great alternative because you do not directly give your cards details as you use intermediaries. Bank transfer are an other alternative. However, you have to be very patient because the validation of your order can take more than a week …

4. Activate the 3D Secure

Contact your bank to activate your 3D secure and ask them what the securement is; a date of birth, a code you receive by message, a card with codes … There are multiple ways!

5. Control your accounts

Check the debit of your account on your bank statement, it has to match with your real purchases.

6. The receipt

When you buy on the internet, the shop is compelled to send you a receipt of your order. Check the information on this receipt.

7. Don’t be wrong

Buying online should be of greater advantage than buying offline. Be careful that the advantages do not turn into disadvantages … Pay attention to the price, delivery costs, guarantee conditions …

Reassure ? Don’t waste any minute and order your lunch on Skip-Q 😉

¹ Eurostat (online data code: isoc_ci_ifp_iu and isoc_ec_ibuy)