My Very Favorite Places to Eat Sandwiches

A promise made is a debt unpaid. Therefore, please let me introduce you to my favorite places to eat sandwiches in Brussels during lunch break.

  1. Stubbe

In the heart of the “Cimetière d’Ixelles”, next to the University of Brussels, this famous bakery is by far my favorite. The bread is just awesome and the fillings homemade. I never tire of eating the same sandwich: the “Boeuf Basilic”, which is raw grounded beef mixed with basil, olive oil, parmesan cheese and arugula.

2. Croc’Délice

Next to “La Place de la Petite Suisse”, Croc’Délice is one of the typical Belgian sandwich makers. However, the reason I love their sandwiches more than the others is that they are so generous with the fillings. On the contrary of many other shops, carrots, cucumber and onions are included in the price and provided every time in addition to tomatoes and salad, which is a must. My favorite there is the “Club” which is basically ham, cheese, mayonnaise, crudités and a hard-boiled egg. A classic.

3. Fait Maison

This shop is a caterer as well as a sandwich and salad maker. It might be the best place regarding the ratio quality/price. Everything is fresh and served with love. The variety is large and they offer a broad range of bread. To eat in or out, cold or hot, in big or small portion, everything there in made to fit you the best. My favorite is the Parma ham with marinated zucchinis, cream cheese, dried tomatoes and arugula in a artisanal bread.

4. Chez Roland

Let’s change, welcome to your first butcher shop. The bread could be better, but the filings are just amazing. In terms of meat, the quality standards are very high. Therefore, their grounded beef is just a dream.

5. Pick Eat

Usually, eating a salad at lunch gives you the feeling that you didn’t eat enough. However, at Pick Eat, this feeling does not exist. Salads and wraps are huge as they provide the best ingredients, in large quantity, to help you to go through the whole day. On top of that, everything is fresh and organic. My favorite there is the Pick Eat Salad, garnished with Parmesan cheese and falafels.

6. De Pistolei

2 minutes away from the Grand Place of Brussels, De Pistolei might appear as one of those touristic places offering bad food at high prices. And it is not! The place is full of regular customers, which includes the whole police station. People there are so nice. They do not cheat with you. For the price of a regular sandwich in some random place, you get an actual oversized sandwich. I could not believe it the first time I saw it.

7. Parma in Tavola.

Raw grounded beef. Parmesan cheese. Pesto. That’s it. No more to explain.

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