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The Easiest DIY Sustainable Travel Kit

10 Essentials for Reducing Waste on Vacation

Cassy Myers
Oct 15, 2019 · 5 min read

I spend about 6 months abroad out of the year, and try my best to keep my impact low, especially in countries where lunch food trucks pack my snacks in styrofoam. After spending years on the road, I’ve perfected my pack!

Gone are the days I hit up the local pharmacy for tiny bottles of what-not that end up in the trashcan after 3 uses. My Zero Waste Travel Kit has all that I previously needed. I’d previously settle for low-grade shampoos and conditioners- things I didn’t regularly use, and would end up in a landfill somewhere in the world after they finished their use in a week or so. We just can’t do that to our planet anymore!

So much waste- What are we doing to Mother Gaia?

Here’s my secret:

My Zero-Waste Travel Kit Essentials

1.) I Sustainable Toothbrush ( I buy mine from Brush with Bamboo)

2.) A bulk-unpackaged Organic Shampoo bar that I use everyday (no need to buy a new one-I use the one that I have in my shower) — I also use this as body soap when I travel

  • Lush Shampoo Bars: they have quite a few, but they contain sulfates, so know this before you buy
  • Etsy Vendors sell quite a few (Here’s my fave)
  • Make your own! ()
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3.) Bulk Conditioner in a small jar. I reuse jars and bottles that I have laying around, and run to a bulk store to fill up. It usually costs ~$2 to do this! The same price as those wasteful pharmacy bottles

4.) Homemade Body and Face Cream (Shea butter for the win!)

5.) Homemade Deodorant (i’ll be posting my recipe soon!)

6.) Reusable Razor — I purchased mine for $4 in Singapore, but you can find them all over the place.

7.) Tiffin containers for leftover food, or to bring your food on the go! I also keep a reusable sandwich bag on hand to fill with trail mix or other snacks

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8.) Metal or Bamboo straw and cutlery, usually wrapped in a hanker-chief. I like to bring at least 2 with me, so I always have a clean option.

9.) Cotton Grocery Bag. (Or 2) Shhh….don’t tell anyone- but if i lose my extra bags, I often cut off the sleeves on old teeshirts and sew the hem together. Boom! An instant bag out of a holy teeshirt! I like to carry one or two with me, and sometimes use these as hanker-chiefs if the one that covers my cutlery is dirty. I prefer to keep a few of these handy for purchases throughout the day, or even to carry my dirty laundry in when I’m backpacking. You can’t have too many bags.

10.) Water Bottle and Coffee Cup. I’m addicted to my Hydroflask. I feel a bit like a “VSCO girl” because of how covered in stickers it is, but that thing sure comes in handy! I bring a 24oz bottle with me everywhere, and pair it with a wide-mouth Yeti coffee cup that’s lasted me many trips. Sometimes I even fill my bottle with hot water in the morning so I can have hot tea throughout the day.

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Along with my essentials list, I also refill small glass bottles with the following:

  • Organic Tea Tree Oil- flying, changes in eating habits, and alcohol can cause blemishes which I like to keep at bay using a dab of tea tree oil
  • Aspirin/Antacid — when I travel, my eating and sleeping patterns change which can cause upset stomach or headaches
  • A handkerchief- I bring this along to serve a variety of purposes, to use as a napkin, to wrap my toothbrush in if it is wet, or in place of tissues
  • Lavender Oils to help with anxiety or to freshen up
  • A small bottle of rose water/witch hazel to use as a toner and hydrator

I put all of these items in the same toiletries case that I’ve used for years.. There is absolutely no need to buy any type of travel case! Whatever you have, try to find something that works, even an older makeup bag works well for me in the past. You might also be able to find a reusable bag at your local thrift store.

I guarantee that if you make a sustainable travel kit with even half of these essentials, you’ll easily be able to reduce waste on vacation. Plus, your travels will be just a little (or a lot) less sticky!

Happy Travels!

Skip The Bag

Eco-Conscious, Zero- or Low-Waste lifestyle habits to help inspire you to find simpler, greener choices in your day-to-day

Cassy Myers

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Creative by nature. Worldly Explorer. Spirituality and Eco-Blogger. Brownie addict.

Skip The Bag

Eco-Conscious, Zero- or Low-Waste lifestyle habits to help inspire you to find simpler, greener choices in your day-to-day

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