2x2 Is your Product a WTF or FTW?

There is a whole world of products out there that fall throughout the spectrum of useful and beautiful. Where does your product fall on this grid?

Product Box

Products that are not useful and not beautiful are not worth the lines of this post. We all know of P.O.S. products. If you have a product in this box, take it out behind the barn and shoot it. Do not waste any resources on red zone products. Move on.

Products that are beautiful, but useless, are dazzling distractions. What were they thinking? If you have a product in this box, unless you are building your empire on gorgeous ad revenue, pull back and take your skills back to the drawing board. The rush of guilty pleasure is unsustainable. Perhaps there is a pivot opportunity in your future. Think outside the box. Challenge yourself to think much bigger. Apply your concept to tangent industries or audiences. If you are not able to find a route forward that you truly believe in, then park your W.T.F. and move on.

Products that are useful, but ugly, are painful. Users resent their very existence, and they make sysadmins cry at night. If you have a product in this box, congratulations! You are fulfilling a real need! Now stop killing your users a little bit every time they show up. Mission critical does not need to be a grind. In fact, useful products can be massively influential in any business specifically because they demand engagement. If your business involves people (you remember people, right?), I assure you there is a return to be found in upgrading the experience around your P.I.T.A. products.

Go for the green! Products that are beautiful and useful are where the magic happens. If you are fortunate to have a product in this box, stay on top of your game. There are kids in a garage somewhere right now plotting on how to make you look like a P.I.T.A. (Blockbuster, anyone?) by comparison or how to change the game so that you become a W.T.F. (remember MySpace?). Continue to seek an even greener green and stay focused on the core value propositions at the core of your F.T.W!