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The Motivation Behind Skullmachina


Skullmachina is a gaming collection consisting of warrior characters from the planet of Ustranov. Ustranov was founded by the Vogantu — 13 clans of Ustranov after thousand years of war. These warriors who were born in war, forged by war and brought an end to the war caused by greed in their mother planet at the cost of every specie splitting to their own planet.


The motivation behind this collection stems from the founder’s love of gaming, sci-fi movies with one being Transformer. With the expansion of web3 into gaming, many platforms rewards the creators and gamers where they earn and play which is a welcome development.

How is Skullmachina different?

Skullmachina is different in the following ways:

  1. We not only reward players, we also reward the owners of the gaming characters.
  2. There is no cross-gaming platform which means that any character gotten in a gaming platform can only be used in that gaming platform and nowhere else. Skullmachina is aimed at removing that by partnering with other gaming platforms to ensure inter-gaming character usage.
  3. We believe in the power of a community. We are building a community which encompasses writers, artists, gamers and collectors to create a revolutionary experience in different spheres while achieving a common goal.

If you want to be part of this budding and great community, you can follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates or join our discord server to be part of the decision makers in our community.



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