Katina Powell’s youngest daughter now facing prostitution charges as investigation of Pitino stalls

After coming clean about her involvement in the sex scandal that occurred at Louisville between 2010 and 2014, Katina Powell’s daughter now faces prostitution charges.

As described in Powell’s book “Breaking Cardinal Rules”, a former Louisville staffer named Andre McGee arranged several parties with Powell in which she and her daughters offered sex to basketball recruits and current Louisville players.

According to a report by the Courier-Journal, Powell’s youngest daughter, Abraeshea Moorman, has been issued a citation for prostitution stemming from an incident that took place in June of 2014.

Moorman was arrested by an undercover officer who was working a trafficking case and ordered sex from a woman who had advertised her services on the Internet.

The original citation was issued to Moorman just a month before an incident described by Powell involving her daughter and potential recruit Antonio Blakeney. The current LSU guard has since been cleared by the NCAA.

Powell and her family are not the only party involved that is currently sitting in hot water.

There has been no ruling by the NCAA yet regarding the status of head coach Rick Pitino, but Powell states that she will not cooperate with any investigation unless she is guaranteed immunity.

Even though NCAA action is pending, it seems that Louisville has no interest in disciplining Pitino from within.

According to ESPN.com, the Louisville Board of Trustees met today to discuss the future of the basketball program, but did not at all discuss the sex scandal or Pitino’s future at the school.

Several members of the media, including Doug Gottlieb of FOX Sports, are calling for Pitino’s firing as head coach, whether he knew about the scandal or not.

The NCAA has already set a precedent this year in the case of SMU showing that head coaches are responsible for all of the inner-workings of their programs, regardless of their knowledge, or lack thereof, of the events in question.

As the college basketball season approaches, it will be interesting to see how the NCAA decides to deal with Pitino. The Louisville Cardinals may very well be without their longtime head coach for a large portion of the season.

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